Traditional Villages in Bali Play a Role in Overcoming Covid 19

balangan beach closed

Around the end of March 2020, Bali Governor I Wayan Koster together with the Bali Provincial Customary Village Council agreed to form a COVID-19 Mutual Assistance Task Force based on traditional villages. The Mutual Assistance Task Force within the traditional village environment has the duty to empower all members of the village community to work together in preventing the spread of COVID-19 either 'on a scale' or physical / tangible or 'noetic' or spiritual / unreal.

Related to their duties clearly, the task force in the customary villages carried out various outreach efforts, education, prevention, supervision and coaching related to COVID-19. In its implementation, Pecalang or Balinese traditional security officers act as the spearhead in the supervision and guidance carried out together with a number of related elements such as the TNI, Polri and Linmas.

In their daily life, Pecalang together with other security officers routinely patrol their respective traditional villages to ensure that the situation in their area is conducive in accordance with established rules. For example, in the oversight function, the joint security team will ask for businesses that are still open beyond the set operating hours rule to immediately close their business locations. Including if there are still residents who are gathered outside the house, they will also be asked to disperse immediately.

For his supervision, Pecalang along with the local village youth will stand guard at various points in the traditional village as happened around the Balangan beach to check whether residents and motorists who pass through the village area have been wearing masks. Before the sanctions were applied, the adat village had also conducted socialization by distributing masks to people who were still not wearing and asking them to do push-ups as a deterrent effect.

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