Although Closed, There Are Still Tourists Breaking into the Beach

balangan beach closed

South Kuta Satpol officers along with elements of the Army and Police still found tourists coming to the Balangan beach area, Monday (4/5). Although so far the tourist attraction (ODTW) in Badung regency is temporarily still closed to the public.

When checked, as many as 2 foreign tourists were still found on the beach at Balangan Jimbaran. According to the Satpol PP Satpol Team Commander, Wayan Suharyana, the incident was discovered after officers monitored and stopped at Balangan beach. The beach is one of the officers' attention, because people report that tourists are still being found playing surfing or swimming. "Indications of such incidents actually occur a lot, mainly carried out by foreign tourists. In addition to Balangan, a similar incident also took place at Suluban Pecatu beach, with the same motive, "he said.

Access to the beach of Balangan actually has been closed and installed a fence. But unfortunately tourists who still live in Bali are known to often violate, either by jumping, pretending not to know, or breaking the signpost of the beach cover.

This can be done freely, because the security officers who usually stand guard there are now no longer on guard. "Maybe these tourists want to take a shower, but immediately stopped. We tell them to go home and we give an appeal not to repeat their actions, "he said. (Yudi Karnaedi / Balipost)